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Here’s a collection of user interface news, as aggregated by AllTop. I take no responsibility for the content, but it’s usually very good.

Hospitable Hospice, Redesigning Care for Tomorrow

hospitablehospiceDesign for good death Hospitable Hospice, Redesigning Care for Tomorrow An IDEA 2014 Award winner research project Free download: issuu, pdf Existing healthcare systems can make the end-of-life experience more frustrating and undignified. The Lien Foundation and ACM Foundation (Singapore) in collaboration with fuelfor design consultants have published an experience design handbook, pdf). Its aim […]

Event: Why the world needs anthropologists

anthropologistsAn upcoming event is encouraging anthropologists to “come out of their ivory towers” and work more closely with their colleagues in the field, in order to bridge the gap between “pure” and “applied” anthropology. The international symposium “Why the world needs anthropologists” (Facebook page) will be held on 5 December 2014 in Padua, Italy. Experientia […]

Update on EU research on energy efficient built environments

CityOpt-logoThe European Commission funds research on a lot of important thematic areas, and in recent years the themes of sustainability and participatory approaches have received a lot of attention. This has made way for companies like Experientia to participate in research projects, as part of project consortiums with research and industry bodies from around Europe. […]

Future cancer detection using an iPhone

Manual vs. Automated Raster to Vector Conversion

Manual Vs Automated Raster to Vector Conversion

Win This Book! Intertwingled

October 17, 2014

Last week Peter Morville shared an excerpt from his new book Intertwingled: Information Changes Everything. Today, we're launching a contest to give away five copies. Answer the following question to enter:

"How has your organization's culture changed you (or vice-versa)?"

To give us your answer, visit our newsletter subscription page, fill out the required fields, enter your response to the contest question at the bottom of the form, and click "Subscribe to list." If you already subscribe to our newsletter, send an email with your answer to using the subject more
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Illustrating the McLaren F1 Owner’s Manual

This charming video features reflections from McLaren Design Operations Manager Mark Roberts on his experience illustrating the elaborate owner’s manual for the McLaren F1. I drive a Kia, so obviously I know nothing about luxury sportscars, but this one from the 1990s is apparently fondly remembered. It’s very endearing to hear Roberts talk about the…

Switch Port

Created by Nick Bain, Switch Port is a light switch with a built in dry-erase board. (Why? Because "the best place for a whiteboard is not where you might expect".)

Jo Stool

Lovely wooden chair with crossed j-shaped legs.