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Markus Brunetti’s Facades

Cathédrale Notre-DameArtist and photographer Markus Brunetti creates stunning photographs of European cathedrals from countless source images that he takes and painstakingly…

Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord

Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord

Great use of lay-out.

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Cowan Golf

Cowan Golf

The head is great.

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Love the gradients.

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Meet the Bales Girls

Stacey Bales has worked in almost every department at her family manufacturing business, from the front office to the shop floor. But when it came to running the entire company, she expected her father, Steve, to do that for at least another decade. That all changed with Steve Bales’ sudden passing in 2009. Stacey and her sister, Sara, found themselves in charge of the business without their father, boss and mentor. Today, they’re building on Steve Bales’ legacy while crafting their own vision for the company. We share Stacey and Sara’s story on the latest episode of The Distance.

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Summit Olympic Mons

Summit Olympic Mons

Travel Poster: Olympus Mons. Adventure awaits! Explore Mars’ ultimate vacation destinations.

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Experientia report: Design for ageing gracefully

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 16.30.10Design for Ageing Gracefully Rethinking Health and Wellness for the Elderly: Public Services Asian Insights & Design Innovation, DesignSingapore Council October 2015

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QUOTE: Studies of conversation both in the laboratory…

Studies of conversation both in the laboratory and in natural settings show that when two people are talking, the mere presence of a phone on a table between them or in the periphery of their vision changes both what they talk about and the degree of connection they feel. People keep the conversation on topics where they won’t mind being interrupted. They don’t feel as invested in each other. Even a silent phone disconnects us.

We’ve gotten used to being connected all the time, but we have found ways around conversation — at least from conversation that is open-ended and spontaneous, in which we play with ideas and allow ourselves to be fully present and vulnerable. But it is in this type of conversation — where we learn to make eye contact, to become aware of another person’s posture and tone, to comfort one another and respectfully challenge one another — that empathy and intimacy flourish. In these conversations, we learn who we are.

Stop Googling. Let ’s Talk. by Sherry Turkle —

What UX Designers can Learn from Architects

When we skimp on research, our work suffers. With that in mind, there's a lot we can learn from architects, who are forced to do research before beginning a new building. This week, author and former architect Ling Lim illustrates how we can improve our projects by thinking like architects.

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