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AT&T Cell Phone Plans Introducing Rollover Data Plan

AT&T announced a program that allows customers to carry unused data from one month to the next, but it's not as simple as it sounds. This is how these rollover data plans really work. AT&T's New Rollover Data Plan AT&T Rollover Data Plan AT&T rollover plan seems more attractive at first because there is no minimum amount of web data required. You only need to have an AT&T mobile

Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

I've discovered The 7 cheapest cell phone plans offered in the market today, starting at a month and moving up from that, all the plans covered here are no contract plans, which make it easy for a try. The handset includes basic phones to Smartphone's, cell phones usually cost around 0 or even much less, so your heart is not going to race each time the bill arrives, simply because you'll

Videos online of KISD service design conference

service-design-konferenz-banner-registration_open_fa58fde314On May 18th 2015 the Köln International School of Design (KISD) in Germany hosted the conference “Service Design – Redefining the Meaning of Design“. Designers, companies and scientists shared insights on theory and practice of Service Design and discuss the changing role of design in our economy and society. Most of the videos are now […]

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Are You Ready to Give Your Customers an Omni-Channel Experience?

July 3, 2015

Whether we admit it or not, today’s customer experience is all about omni-channel. People are reaching out to companies on the phone, via text message, through emails and webforms—you name it, someone’s using it. When customers reach out to customer service, they most often use three or more channels, and most businesses offer multiple service channels to answer customer questions.

But an omni-channel experience isn’t just about having multiple channels: it’s about making sure those channels all work together. The idea behind omni-channel is that it all the service channels are more
By Elias Parker


Coca Cola calendar

Coca Cola calendar

The structure is so inspiring.

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UX, web design and web development news: Jun 27 – Jul 3

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Web design, UX design and web development news that have marked the past week (June 27 - Jul 3) - collected and curated for you by UX Passion team. Our third edition is up and ready - we hope you'll enjoy it!

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In Conversation with Sergio Nouvel

July 2, 2015

Just yesterday I had the chance to talk with Sergio Nouvel, author of the very popular and very convtroversial UX Mag article, "Why Web Design is Dead."

Sergio is was born in Chile and is the Co-Founder and Director of Continuum in Lima, Peru. He comes from a graphic design background and has broadened his scope of what it means to be a designer in the digital age. Here we talk about the limitations of designing for desktop, the rise of mobile, the disappearance of screens, and why more
By Josh Tyson | UX Magazine


CAD/CAM Drafting Help

As computer aided design and manufacturing improves year after year, there are many new technologies to take advantage of.  As a manufacturer, designer, architect or other professional, the best design differentiates your firm and product from everything else on the market.  For that reason, many more professionals are obtaining drafting help to acquire the most expert design possible.

UX Strat Europe 2015 – UX meets business strategy

In June I attended the inspiring, informative and enjoyable UX Strategy conference in Amsterdam. This European conference was organised by Paul Bryan after several successful installments of the UX Strategy Conference and Masterclasses in the USA.  Like the earlier ones, the … Continued

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Color Laboratory

Color Laboratory is a free accessibility web app to help develop colorblind-friendly web site color palette. It allows you to select colors and see how they appear next to one another, and in various foreground/ background combinations. It also allows you to see those colors as they might appear to color-blind users. Use Color Laboratory

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