User Experience News

Here’s a collection of user interface news, as aggregated by AllTop. I take no responsibility for the content, but it’s usually very good.

Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir

The award-winning photographer Fan Ho spent many years capturing the grit, congestion and vibrancy of mid-Twentieth Century Hong Kong. A selection of his photos have been on display at San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2, though apparently they’ll come down at the end of the month, so there are just a few days left to…

Roger Angell’s Farewell to Derek Jeter

The “poet laureate of baseball,” Roger Angell has been translating the sport’s milestones-just-passed into vivid, crystalline reminiscences for decades. In the latest issue of The New Yorker he bids farewell to the Yankees’ Derek Jeter, who is retiring this fall. Though the iconic shortstop isn’t quite gone yet, the league has spent the better part…

Architecture in Product Design

This is the first in a series of posts from Melissa Mandelbaum, designer at Percolate, about lessons to be found in architectural principles for product designers. Here she focuses on the notion of circulation within buildings as it relates to navigation within apps: a building’s given method of circulation—stairs, elevator—directly impacts how we use the…

Ben Callahan – Responsive Workflows: There’s No Perfect Process

The web is everywhere. It’s on our desks, in our pockets, and on screens of all sizes. The complexity involved with building a website grows with each new device it must support. This cross-platform consistency requirement makes a concrete, static design process unsustainable. As flexible and responsive as the sites we’re building have to be, so too does our process for building them.

Introducing Project Wing

Google's new drone-based delivery system:

Sharing Faces

Created by Kyle McDonald, Sharing Faces is an installation that shares photos between Anyang, Korea and Yamaguchi, Japan. Stand in front of it in one of these locations and it will "match your expression and pose in realtime with photos of someone else who once stood in front of the installation":



TipTapTop teaches children how to wash their hands in "a new and amusing way, reducing water waste [by] up to 70%; [and] increasing sanitation and hygiene":

Steven Soderberg’s Wilderness Years

The Dissolve’s Movie of the Week is Steven Soderbergh’s 1998 classic “Out of Sight,” a small, taut and unyieldingly charming adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel—that also happened to reignite the director’s career. Its success put Soderbergh back onto Hollywood’s A-list, and in the decade and a half that followed, he went on to create…

Computed Copy

Devised by Nukeme, So Kanno and yang02, Computed Copy is a method of copying/remixing fashion garments via 3D scanning and fabric printing:

Inspecting Yosemite’s Icons

Nick Keppol “dissects” the new design language of OS X Yosemite’s icons. There was a lot of speculation that icons in Yosemite would all be super-ellipses or circles. Thankfully that’s not the case. I think Apple’s designers have done a great job building a flexible system that allows for a clean look, but retains the…