Screen sizes and user agent trends

This week had me looking at log files for various websites I worked on. These websites are both B2B and B2C with the majority of users originating from North America. A few obervations:

1024 x 768 is no longer the most commonly used screen resolution. This surprised me somewhat, but here in North America 1280×800 seems to be the dominant screen resolution nowadays. Granted, it’s followed very closely by 1024 x 768, but larger resolutions combined make up for a larger share. 800 x 600 seems to be completely wiped out.

iPhone screen resolutions total about 5% of all users. That means that 1 in every 20 visitors uses an iPhone to look at these websites, more than Android clients (about 2%). iPads are not a significant percentage yet, except on one site I checked where they had a 3% market share.

IE is still the dominant browser, making up for almost 55% of the browsers. The majority of IE versions used is IE8. Firefox is second followed closely by Safari (Mac, iPhone) and Chrome.
Chrome on Mac is no more than 3 %.

IE6 is still around With 5% percent of the total users, this group is as big as all iPhone users. So 1 in every 20 visitors is using IE6. Scary.