Naming PDFs and other downloadable files

Imagine the following scenario: while looking for specific information you came across a PDF file that had all the information in it you wanted. You downloaded the file and saved it in your documents folder. Since you didn’t have time to organize files – you never seem to have enough time – the file isn’t renamed and sits among a couple of hundred other files. A couple of weeks later you are trying to retrieve the file but have a hard time finding it. Sounds familiar? This happens to many people I know (me for one).

Wouldn’t it be nice if the webmaster had named the file something else than “info.pdf”?
It’s really not so hard to give your downloadables a more descriptive name. Even a file name like “annual-report.pdf” can be made more descriptive by adding the company name and the year. It’s a simple improvement, that is easily overlooked. Just keep this in mind: if a file is for download give it a descriptive name, so your user can find it later.