Hi, I’m Jeroen Bet

Jeroen Bet - Information Architect, User Experience DesignerWelcome to my new WordPress Website.

I live in Houston, TX and work as an Information Architect at BrandExtract.

A bit of history…

Born in 1964 in the Netherlands, I started working in the Internet industry in 1998 after leaving my job at the biggest Telecommunications company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After a brief spell with the largest Internet hosting company in Holland, I worked as a web content manager for the RIPE NCC, a not for profit organisating serving Internet Service Professionals globally. As a project manager, I took the lead in re-designing their existing website and incorporating many additional features.

In the period I worked for the RIPE NCC, I dealt with setting up the website for the Numbers Resource Organization and setting up the members’ only area of the RIPE.NET website.

I also helped various other successful websites to emerge, providing my expertise and talents. Additionally, I created restricted websites for several conferences and helped setting up a training tutorial website. I was also the managing content editor for most of the websites mentioned above; making sure the information on the websites was correct and up-to-date.

After relocating to Hobe Sound, Florida, I started my own company, working on various websites. in 1997, I relocated to Seattle, Washington and started at Eben Design before moving to Houston where I now work as Master Information Architect at BrandExtract.

My Background

I have a background in journalism, public relations and education and have attended courses in project management, writing, XML, usability, JavaScript and Microsoft Certified training.

Please read my resume for more about me.

For more information, please give me a call on (206) 617 0444 or send me an e-mail.