Hyperlink your images, it’s easier for handheld devices

After experiencing my iPhone for the last 2 weeks, I noticed that the worst user experiences I had with websites were the ones with one-word hyperlinks. It is very hard to actually tap a one word hyper link if you have anything but the tiniest fingers. A solution for this is to make sure you link multiple words. Not only is this better for usability – you can actually describe what happens when a user clicks the link – it also increases the probability of ‘hitting the target’ on a mobile phone.

The best experience is when there’s a lot of white space around the link and/or where images are linked, for instance in big call-outs or sub navigation. When designing Greenstar-na.com, we tried to keep this in mind.
On the new Greenstar North America site we tried to make both the images and the section titles clickable, to make it easy for anyone not on a PC or Mac to follow the links.

What are your experiences with usability of websites on mobile phones?