4G is Going To Be a Mobile Design Game Changer

4G networks are here and so are 4G enabled devices. Yet we worry about adding little scripts and bloating CSS files because we want to make our sites load fast on mobile. OK, here’s something to wrap your brains around. I just got my 4G enabled Android smartphone and now I am enjoying speeds up to 12 Mb/s on the road over 4G. No more slow loading pages, I am finally able to get nice enough speeds to type this post on my tethered Macbook as I wait for my son’s violin lesson to end.

Is 3G going to be another IE6 for web developers? Hmm, that analogy doesn’t really stand up but hopefully you get the idea. Is it that we have to cater to all 3G users on slow connections until 2020 or will everybody be on 4G/LTE in about a year? I’m thinking the latter. With the new 4G/LTE Android devices already here, the steady roll out of 4G networks and the 4G enabled iPhone 5 coming out soon, I think the 4G revolution is going to be a game changer for mobile design.



New Book: Mobile First

A new book has been released in the “A Book Apart” series. Luke Wroblewski, best known for his research on forms, has written a book about mobile websites and apps. If you are familiar with Luke, you know he is pretty much the authority on this subject. In a recent podcast with Jared Spool he stated that too many companies are trying to figure out their mobile strategy instead of just putting something out there. His idea is that this mobile market is far from mature with so many changes in devices and players in the market, it’s nearly impossible to predict how an app or mobile website might perform in 2 months time.

“Mobile First” promises to be a good read with some great insights into the mobile market. An excerpt from the book has been published on the A list apart website.